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2. Team Manager Name  
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4. Team Grade
5. Division (A or B)

Payment Options:
Checks, Cash or Venmo


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1on1 Milwaukee
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Winter League

5th Grade: 

Location: Catholic Memorial High School

Dates: (Sundays)

  • November 28th

  • December 12th & 19th

  • January 2nd, 16th, & 30th

  • February 13th & 27th 

6th, 7th, & 8th Grade: Will post ASAP when gym contract is signed

Location: TBD

Dates: TBD

  • November

  • December

  • January

  • February

16 Total Games

  • 8 Weeks of league (Play, sit, play)


  • 8 A-Level Teams at each grade

  • 8 B-Level Teams at each grade


Fee: $800.00 (Check or Venmo @Mary-nellen)

*Final Payment due Sept 13th - Otherwise your spot is not saved!

Admissions: $3.00 Adults, $2.00 Students, Under 12 and seniors (60+) FREE​​


  • We will not be collecting rosters from each team

Coaches & Fan Sportsmanship: 

  • Coaches and fans must be respectable to the refs and other opponents.

  • Refs and League workers have the right to remove coaches and fans.

    • If we have continuous problems with your teams we will remove your team from the league. No refund given.

League Rules: 

  • Two 16 minute running halves​

    • Clock stops the one minute of each half

  • Games will start on time

    • 2 minute warmups ​

  • Half-time is two minutes

  • Two 30 Second timeouts per game 

    • No timeouts in OT​

  • Seven team fouls = Bonus

    • Ten team fouls = Double Bonus​

  • Technical is two points and the ball

  • Five fouls per player

  • 5th Grade - No zone. Only man to man

    • No pressing until the last two minutes of the game (No pressing if winning by 15 or more points)

  • 6th, 7th & 8th - No pressing if winning by 20 or more points

  • Only one coach may stand up


Overtime Rules: ​​​​

  • 6th, 7th, 8th

    • Overtime is first team to score 1 point

      • 2:00 minutes will be on the clock

      • No timeouts in OT

    • If no one scores we go to free throws

  • 5th Grade goes straight to Free Throws

    • First to score. Other team gets one chance if they didn't shoot first.​

League Format: 

  • 1st place in each division will receive 12 t-shirts

    • Tie Breaker =
      • Overall record

      • Head to head

      • Point differential (all 3 games)

        • Least amount of points given up (all 3 games)

      • Back to head to head

      • Free-Throw shoot out

        • 3 girls shoot from each team

  • Two certified referees will be provided for each game

  • Each team must provide one scorekeeper