Email questions below to coachmarymke@gmail.com
1. Team Name
2. Team Manager Name  
3. Team Manager Email
4. Team Level: 9th/JV, Varsity Silver or Gold
5. Shirt Sizes (Each team gets 12)


Email questions below to coachmarymke@gmail.com
1. Daughter Name

2. Daughters High School
3. Daughter Current Grade (As of Sept 2021)
4. What Level: 9th/JV, Varsity Silver or Gold
5. Daughters Shirt Size

Payment Options:
Checks, Cash or Venmo


All Checks should be mailed in:
1on1 Milwaukee
1820 South Conrad Place
New Berlin, WI 53151

*Checks payable to 1on1 Milwaukee

Fall Ball League

Date: Sundays (Games will Start at 8:00am)

  • September: 12th, 19th, 26th

  • October: 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th

Admissions: Adults $3.00 | Students $2.00 | Seniors Free

Covid Stuff: 

  • Center Court: No mask required

  • Pius XI High School: Coaches and Spectators must wear a mask

  • No shaking hands after games (Air high-fives)


Location: Center Court (Waukesha, WI) & Pius XI High School (Milwaukee, WI)

Fee: $820.00 Per Team

(Each team will be provided 12 T-Shirts. Additional shirts cost $6.00 per shirt)

Sign Up: Sign up as a team or as an individual if you don't have a team

  • Individual Fee: $175.00

League Format: 

  • Two games per day

    • 14 games total per team

Game Format/Rules: 

  • Two 18 minute halves

    • Running clock

    • Clock stops the one minute of each half

  • Half-time is two minutes

  • Warm-up is two minutes

  • Two 30 second time outs per game

  • 5 fouls per player

  • Seven team fouls = Bonus | Ten team fouls = Double Bonus

  • Technical is two points and the ball

  • Overtime: First team to score 2 points

    • If a team has a timeout left they can use it​

  • No pressing rules

  • Only one coach may stand at a time

*PLEASE enter your team at the appropriate level.  If you are unsure, please ask. 1on1 reserves the right to deny or move your team if you are not qualified. 

Levels: 9th/JV, Varsity Silver and Varsity Gold


  • Varsity Gold: Min. of 3 AAU level players who are college prospects or high level HS Team

  • Varsity Silver: Rising varsity level players or weaker overall teams

  • JV: Incoming Freshman but must be JV level players


  • Two certified referees will be provided for each game

  • Each team must provide one scorekeeper

  • Teams are responsible for bringing their own basketballs for warmups 

  • We do not keep standings