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Email questions below to
1. Team Name
2. Team Manager Name  
3. Team Manager Email
4. Team Grade (As of Sept 2021)
5. Shirt Sizes (Each team gets 5)


Email questions below to
1. Daughters Name

2. Daughter Current Grade (As of Sept 2021)
3. Parents Email

4. Daughters Shirt Size

Payment Options:
Checks, Cash or
Venmo (Must include 2% charge fee on top of what you owe)


All Checks should be mailed in:
1on1 Milwaukee
1820 South Conrad Place
New Berlin, WI 53151

*Checks payable to 1on1 Milwaukee

3v3v3 Fall Extravaganza League

Date: Sundays (Games will Start around 11:20am)

  • September: 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th

  • October: 6th, 13th, 20th


Grades: 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th 


Location: Pius XI High School (Milwaukee, WI)

Fee: $375.00 Per Team

(Each team will be provided five T-Shirts. Additional shirts cost $8.00 per shirt)

Sign Up: Sign up as a team or as an individual if you don't have a team

  • Individual Fee: $100.00

League Format: 

  • Maximum of 10 teams per grade – First come, first served!

  • 5 players per team

  • Maximum of 5 teams on a court at one

    • 3 teams will play on the floor at once

      • the other 2 will rotate in​

  • Three 15 minute games per day

    • Running clock​

  • 5 Minute break in between each game

  • No coaches for teams during play.

  • One certified referee, one floor manager and one scorekeeper will be provided for each game.

    • Points scored will be tracked weekly

    • Winning team will receive 6 championship shirts​

Scoring Rules: 

  • Regular scoring

  • Non shooting foul = 1 point and the ball

  • Shooting foul = 2 points and the ball (+1 for made shot)

  • Technical and intentional fouls = 3 points and the ball

  • No personal foul kept and no bonus rule

  • Make it take it

Defense Rules: 

  • Players can play defense up to half court and the must release

  • Pressing is allowed no matter the score

Subbing Rules: 

  • Team will sub in players when their team is off the court

Other info: 

  • The court manager will help keep a flow to the games and help with sub

  • Week one we will discuss with all the teams how everything is going to work

  • This is a fun event for kids to learn how to just play basketball!

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