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Date: June 10th & 11th

Location: 135 North 76th Street | Milwaukee, WI



  • Admission: $7.00 Adults | $3.00 Under 18 | Seniors free

    • Each team will get two free admissions slots

  • Scores of each game will be posted online Saturday night after all games are finished.

  • Pool A & B - Each team will get 4 games and each team will not play one team in their pool

    • Team with the best record will win. See tie breaker rules on main page.

  • Pool C, D, E, F - Pool Play

    • See tie breaker rules on main page.​

Tournament Directors: Mary Nellen & Nikki Nellen

Emails: |

Cells: (414) 418-3972 | (414) 339-6300

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