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Uniforms are the same as last year. No need to order new ones. Deadline 3/3/24


All fees must be paid in full before players are allowed to practice. NO REFUNDS.


This is only for current juniors

Wooden Basketball Court Floor


ALL athletes participating in NCAA-certified events MUST have an active account in the NCAA Basketball Certification System (BBCS) 8th - 11th grade need to complete this step!



Player website pages are required for all 8th-12th grade players. 

  1. Head to and create an account

    1. It will ask “What type of website are you wanting to make”

      • Click any categories… It doesn’t matter

    2. Click “Create Your Website with Wix Editor”

      • Click choose Template

    3. Scroll through some of the templates and once you find the one you like Click “edit”

  2. DO NOT buy a domain. This is a website you can make a FREE account

  3. Start Designing your player website. Players can be as creative as they want, but must have the following included…

    • First & Last Name

    • At least one head shot photo. You can put more if you want.

    • Height (DON’T LIE)

    • High School

    • High School Coach name and email

    • Conference

    • Basketball Awards

    • GPA

    • ACT Score (if you have one)

    • Information about siblings (especially if they play in college. List that)

      • Ex: Sally (18) Plays basketball at UWM

      • Ex: Brian (19) Play football at Whitewater

    • Majors that interest you

    • Your personal email

    • Parents names and a little information on them

    • Highlight films

    • Full Games (Post at least 2)

    • Link your social media pages

      • Coaches like to follow kids​​

5. Once completed send the link to

6. Once your website is approved we will then post on our Roster Page.

Get creative with your page! College coaches are going to be looking at them. Put as much information as you are comfortable with sharing. The page should represent who you are! 

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