1on1 Milwaukee Rainbow Teams
1on1 Milwaukee is known for our AAU teams but we also host non AAU teams which is called our "Rainbow Program." Anyone is welcome to signup. There are no tryouts for these teams. This is just another opportunity for girls to play and learn the game!


All players will be given a t-shirt on the first day of practice.

Please wear your t-shirt to all games and practices

Players can wear any shorts


Practice Location:

135 North 76th Street

Milwaukee, WI 53213

We ask that players bring a ball if they have one.

Parents are allowed to watch but we encourage parents to stay outside of the gym and let the girls be! Just like in school :)


Team Name:

1on1 Milwaukee Rainbow

Please click the link below to find game times

All games are play sit play

Please email before league the games your daughter will not make.


6th Grade Coach:

Claire Levendoski

7th Grade Coach:

Claire Levendoski 

8th Grade Coach:

Sierra Snack

9th/JV Coach:

Claire Levendoski 

*Coach Mary Nellen will also be assisting when her schedule allows